Steve's Tool Works

Steve has written numerous published tools for x86/x64 platforms:

  • The Snooper/EtherProbe - Full-featured protocol analyzers inspired by Network General's Sniffer product. Extensible protocol suite decodes include TCP/IP suite, DECNET, IEEE 802.2, 802.3, 802.5, Microsoft NETBEUI and SMB, Novell IPX and NCP.
  • CodeProbe - Interactive software protocol analyzer running in MS-DOS environment, performs microsecond-level time series capture, decoding, and analysis, similar to a network protocol analyzer, but for DOS calls, BIOS calls, and other functions.
  • Image Locate - Relocates and image and applies relocation fixups to a specific address, for ROMming in embedded systems.
  • COW - DOS-based Character-Oriented Windowing package provides fast simple windowing UI API with windows, list boxes and forms entry.
  • Weasel - Multithreaded, reentrant graphical user interface library with widgets for Linux x11 and Wayland. Supports fonts, graphics, menus, push buttons, radio buttons, sliders, toggle switches, select boxes, text boxes, styles, labels, drawing canvases, dialog boxes, images and graph objects.
  • iPhone Image Archival - Fast iPhone image archival program for Linux backs up new images from iPhone to Linux workstation's file system while converting images from HEIC format to JPEG format at high resolution.
  • Programmer's Text Editor - Originally called Wendin XTC, Steve has re-implemented this editor for MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Linux.