Working With Steve Jones Labs

If you've just heard of Steve Jones Labs (SJL), then you've come to an interesting place. This web site aims to give a sense for whether SJL might be a good technology fit for your next project. If you see synergy, then please do reach out to Steve and inquire about it-- he will be happy to discuss it with you.

Problem Domains

Steve looks for ways where he can contribute in meaningful ways, where he can add value. If you're looking for someone to build a website from a canned content site like Wix or WordPress, then Steve's not your guy-- there are plenty of people trained to use these sites, and Steve's skills are in the building of systems from the ground up. A lean and mean website from scratch that puts you in control would be just fine. More typically, Steve develops software that interfaces with hardware (especially embedded) or involves high performance processing or large scale system architecture.


You can engage SJL at any point in your development process-- Requirements, Specification, Design, Coding (RSDC) or post-development Assessment. Steve is happy to contribute to any of these without needing to continue with the entire process.

It's also possible to engage SJL for turnkey engineering solutions. In that case, you'll see Steve's RSDC process being followed. A written specification will follow a requirements gathering phase, and a detailed written design will be produced that supports the specification. Then development will proceed, implementing the design.

The above Waterfall process gives way to Agile methods as the project nears completion, with communication as often as needed to support customer-requested changes in direction, or revisions. Feature creep is not a problem, since after all, it is an exploratory journey that ends up revealing enticing adjacencies that the customer might want to have included after all. The key here is flexibility and agility-- you will find this to be a superb experience.

It's also possible to engage SJL to determine the feasibility of an idea, or to determine if an idea is workable. These projects can be more fluid.

Project Sizes

In general, projects can last from a week to months. Programs consisting of a series of projects can be put together to better plan resources for larger efforts.


To get started, send Steve a message, letting him know you are interested, and what kind of project you have in mind. We'll set up a call to discuss the rough scope and what is needed. We can share our thoughts about approaches, and ultimately have a unified idea about what is needed and at least one way to meet those needs.

During the call, and perhaps with a few follow-up email exchanges, SJL will collect the information necessary to produce a Statement of Work (SoW) that describes the requirements, and the specification that meets the requirements, with estimates about hitting project milestones. With agreement on the Statement of Work and an initial payment, the new SJL project is opened and work proceeds according to the plan to meet the objectives.