Security Solutions

SJL can provide Red Teaming services to customers needing to understand how secure their product is. Both white box and black box analysis can be done. Results can be documented, demonstrated, or both. Suggested mitigations can be provided.

SJL can provide Vulnerability Assessments to customers needing to understand the theoretical safety, surety, integrity, or security of their product. The entire system is opened to SJL, and deep knowledge about how CPUs, chipsets, and other components, as well as operating system internals, can contribute to the attack surface area.

SJL can also help with Security Architecture and Design in new software products, such as the construction of Trusted Computing Bases (TCBs), and architecture of protocols to enforce a device's safety, surety, integrity, or security.

Have Questions?

Need to understand how vulnerable a product is? Hire SJL to perform a customized perfect-fit investigation. You can learn how to engage SJL here.