Production Solutions

Need to spin-off an entire development effort? Doing so can often make sense-- it can reduce the overhead associated with team coordination and can reduce costs significantly, as there are extra costs associated with employed W-2 developers. By being strategic about what in-house developers focus on, those costs can be directed at projects that can absorb them, leaving out-sourced projects to lean outside organizations.

The growing trend these days is to use job shops for outsourcing; these often ship your IP and know-how to developers matrixed throughout the world. Control over your IP becomes increasingly difficult. And all the while, other organizations become more expert at your problem domain than your organization is. The better solution is to use an on-shore, US company employing US citizens. US companies and citizens are accountable to US law, familiar with local customs, and can be easier to communicate with.

SJL stands ready to help your US-based company grow by providing the turnkey software you need for the next step along your growth path.

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