Research and Investigations

If you'd like to learn about something software-oriented and technical, you've come to the right place. SJL can assist with performing studies and experiments, with documented results, to provide clarity about a topic of interest.

Examples of the many kinds of studies that be performed, starting with what question needs answering:

  • Does this software have defects? - Code walkthroughs, and special software test jigs to exercise complex high-risk functions in the lab can verify proper operation and find out what happens when the code under test meets unexpected operating environments.
  • Does this device function the same in all settings? - Determining if a device or piece of commercial software operates the same whether running in a different country or in a different timezone, with different registry entries or other setup, can be a hard problem to address. Sandboxing experiments can determine whether the device or software always exhibits the same behavor, or if it actually exhibits novel behavior in key situations.
  • What are the ways to cause privilege escalation on this system? - An analysis of the whole system, including hardware, firmware, operating system, application software, users, use model, and data can help shed light on how vulnerable a system is to attack.
  • What are the load limits on a computing device? - Analysis of computing capacity of a device can yield important information about its safe operating limits.
  • How much information can I obtain from a PC or phone's hardware about its physical environment? - A study of a hardware device can yield information about the overt and covert channels offered by the device's hardware, including cameras, microphones, integrated temperature monitors, use timing, and the like.

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