About Steve Jones Labs

Steve Jones Labs (SJL) is Steve's workshop, where he applies his 40 years of experience and capabilities to customers' challenging technical problems that need innovative solutions. Steve runs between 1-3 projects at a time, each in its own "lab"; hence, Steve Jones Labs. For example, one lab serves Steve's robotics development for the NeuroSynthetica project, creating sentient autonomy for next generation robots with synthetic brain development tools and a real-time brain model simulator.

SJL is an on-shore, US-based company with a US Citizen doing the investigations and engineering in the continental United States. SJL does not outsource its work.

SJL doesn't compete with software development companies that serve as general contractors, which hire developers in other countries to write code for clients. SJL does serve customers with experience, skill, and a level of sustained capability that can solve big problems or develop large or specialized systems without the overhead of large teams. It's the opposite of sending your work off-shore, actually.

Discovering What's Possible

Some customers need to know what is possible, or how something could be made to work-- in these cases, SJL can perform the experiments and create proofs-of-concept so that a full development project may become funded.

Software Architecture and Engineering

Still other customers look to SJL for architectural guidance and advice, giving their in-house team options that can enable them to create solutions with more scalability and serviceability. Steve can join the team to start, suggest ideas, or take on a carve-out that requires specialized domain knowledge while the in-house team continues to develop expertise in the areas of its focus.

Many customers need the production software written for them; this can offer a significant time-to-market advantage, if the in-house team would need to spin-up on numerous new technologies at once and make sense of them, before crafting a go-forward plan. Steve's broad range of experience leverages deep knowledge of how things work (enough to implement operating systems and network stacks, not just use them) and can be applied to produce commercial-grade software quickly and efficiently, without bulky processes that involve multiple teams to handle the development and test.

Vulnerability Assessments and Mitigations

Some customers need to understand how their system may be vulnerable to attacks or failures. Steve's experience with vulnerability assessments can help customers understand what the attack surface looks like, what the attack vectors are, and what mitigation steps can be taken to thwart bad actors. Assessments can include traditional cybersecurity, but also certification in gaming machines (that the system will play fairly); voting machines (that the system will not add, drop or change votes; flight avionics; and medical equipment.

Need Knowledge Transfer General Consulting?

Steve can help with hands-on workshops to provide knowledge and in some cases hands-on training that can be leveraged to start new technology initiatives with an in-house team. Travel within the United States to your facility makes it easy to pass along knowledge and techniques to your team without incurring expenses for each team member's travel.

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