Steve's BIOS/Firmware Works

Steve has architected the industry's leading BIOS software, including Phoenix® SecureCore® Tiano for the IT market and Embedded BIOS® for makers of embedded designs:

  • PMBIOS - Protected-mode BIOS for x86 embedded systems with disk and keyboard drivers. Allows transfer of control to loaded OEM module developed with MS-DOS tools.
  • Embedded BIOS (aka Embedded BIOS 2000, EB2K, and Embedded BIOS with StrongFrame Technology (EBSF)) - Architected and developed this core BIOS for x86/x32/x64 embedded systems. Highly componentized, with full source code and over 1,200 build options. Chipset, CPU, and board modules support hardware from AMD, Intel, Via, and other silicon vendors. Supports Firmbase® SMM operating environment, BIOS standards including ACPI, APIC, APM, ATA, BBS, El Torito, Microcode Update, MP, PCI, PMM, PnP, SMBIOS, SMBUS, SMM, SMP, TPM, USB and VESA. Includes built-in debugger, HTML browser, splash screen, console redirection over serial links, platform diagnostics, integrated Firmbase console, real-time SMM profiler, graphical windowing desktop, media technology Flash drivers, Flash disk, ROM disk, RAM disk and remote (serial) disk.
  • Secure Core Tiano 2.0 - Rearchitected Phoenix's Secure Core Tiano (SCT) to increase its modularity, sustainability, supporting a Trusted Computing Base, a multithreading microkernel for parallelism, and fastboot while continuing to support the Intel "Green H" architecture within.
  • Chipset Support Drivers - Worked with silicon vendors to establish working relationships and support their chipset and processor product lines. Implemented many BIOS personality modules providing Chipset initialization and configuration for embedded hardware from AMD, Intel, RadiSys, ServerWorks, ST Microelectronics, Via, and others; i.e., 186ec, 386bx, 386ex, 430tx, 440bx, 440mx, 810, 815, 840, acc2089, Aladdin 4C, AMD SC300/SC310, AMD SC400/SC410, AMD SC450, AMD SC520, M1487, M1489, M1541, M6117, R380EX, R400EX, STPC, and VG330.