Prototype Development

You know your product can be produced, but getting from the idea to a working prototype so you can get the full development project funded can be difficult. That's because the team is likely to encounter many new technology touchpoints that haven't been dealt with before. By leveraging SJL's experience, a prototype can be produced that actually demonstrates the behavior and connectivity you need, without having to implement all the features.

Sometimes it makes sense for prototypes to actually take on the architecture of the full product; some features might include more modules that simply don't need to be developed in order for the idea to be demonstrated.

In other cases, prototypes might best demonstrate connectivity or the ability to control or monitor hardware with a simple hardware and software test environment. Once the operation of the system's salient abilities are demonstrated, those code fragments or functions can be reused by the full product's development team, allowing them to focus on the overall large scale development.

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