What Customers Say About Working With Steve

"Steve is an extremely talented software architect/CTO. He is arguably the top BIOS architect/engineer on the planet. Steve was instrumental in re-architecting Phoenix's BIOS and the end result has been astounding as reflected in the record number of customer design wins. Steve was instrumental in helping get Phoenix focused back into BIOS with world class, best in class products/architecture. Steve's contributions were a key component in the ultimate sale of the company. In my direct experience, Steve is brilliant in front of customers/investors. He is able to clearly and passionately articulate at the right level (from very technical to high level) depending on his audience. He is a passionate leader who holds himself to extremely high standards and expects his team and all around him to perform at the same level. Steve is able to attract and build a very capable and talented team as all admire and respect his abilities." --Tom Lacey, CTO, Phoenix Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:PTEC).

"Steve is a BIOS industry programming rock star. His work on re-architecting the Intel Tiano code into a new product for our company was a seminal achievement." --Robert Andersen, CFO, Phoenix Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:PTEC).

"Steve is Dr. BIOS. Phoenix's new Tiano BIOS has become a runaway market success thanks in large part to Steve's leadership and vision." --Surendra Arora, SVP, Phoenix Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:PTEC).

"Steve is a brilliant scientist and evangelist! While he worked with me at Phoenix he was able to take a legacy software architecture and morph it into a state of the art code base and then his team executed on the promise!! Steve was key in helping Phoenix turn around a deficit operating and take back the industry lead in BIOS. I should also say, that Steve's ability to engage and evangelize a vision with customers stands out as his best talent. Steve is one of the best if not the best at technical customer vision setting and probing for opportunities to create mutual value. As the SVP of Sales at the time, having a CTO who could carry this impact to our strategic partners was invaluable to me and ultimately dramatically improved the performance of our company." --David Gibbs, SVP Sales, Phoenix Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:PTEC).

"Steve has a razor-sharp intellect and is without a doubt one of the foremost experts in our industry. He was instrumental in re-architecting and developing our core product offering, which was essential to the company's turnaround and reassertion of its market leadership. His expansive creativity and depth of knowledge perfectly suits his role as the head of the engineering thought-leaders of the company. Steve is very effective in front of customers and partners, and has on numerous occasions played a critical role in business development initiatives. He has also provided important and lasting contributions to the company's patent and IP portfolio, both as an inventor and through strategic decisions that shaped the direction of the portfolio." --Timothy Chu, SVP and General Counsel, Phoenix Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ:PTEC).

"Steve is an extraordinarily talented technologist and business person. As the founder of General Software, he created and drove its technology vision for 19 years. His deep technical understanding and high quality standards produced a product suite that remained unmatched in the industry. Steve's unique ability to creatively problem solve was instrumental, not only in General Software's ability to stay on the cutting edge with the performance and configurability of its software tools, but also in the ultimate market success of our thousands of organizational customers. Steve is true to his word and ethical in his business dealings. He's got strong sales and product marketing skills and works very cooperatively with customers." --Craig Husa, CEO, General Software, Inc.

"I had the opportunity to work with Steve directly on several high-profile embedded designs with very tight schedules. Steve spent long hours debugging the problems and adding assorted features to meet our joint customer's constantly changing platform requirements. He is really committed to making sure that his customers get rock solid code and on time. I wish that all the other companies that I work with had such dedicated people that are both great managers and engineers." --Raz Dan, VP Sales, M-Systems Ltd.

"Working with General Software in a number of projects, some very significant to AMD's business at the time, was rewarding in so many ways, and Steve was the lead that made the magic happen. --Dave Everitt, Head of Product and Platform Marketing and Business Development, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD).

"Steve drove the development of a very specific BIOS implementation for my project and delivered an excellent result. It was great to work with someone who could talk at any depth on the challenges we had to make our project work. Steve kept a constant finger on the pulse of the checkpoints and deliverables, which made my job much easier." --Jack Creasey, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

"During my tenure at AMD, I had the pleasure to work with Steve on a weekly basis and have found Steve to be one of the most knowledgeable embedded systems architects and technologists in the industry. Through his dedication and commitment to development methodologies, product evolution, product quality, and overall customer success, Steve's innovation and vision enabled General Software to successfully satisfy every joint customer that our partnership engaged. In addition, Steve is a great leader in motivating and rallying his staff to bring unique and inventive solutions to market faster than his competitors. Working with Steve was clearly one of the most satisfying jobs of my career." --Mark Morneault, Division Manager, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD).